About Us!

Hi!  My name is Kevin and I am passionate and picky.  I am the type of person who researches items extensively and am impossible to shop for.  One of my passions is cooking with a focus on the outdoors.  I have developed a broad knowledge of items and accessories of the utmost quality that I feel would compliment even the most discerning home chef’s arsenal of tools.  I founded Great or Die!™ to take the guesswork out of tough shopping decisions for the outdoor cooking enthusiast.

What it really came down to is when I took a good look at what was out their on the gift, lists, and review sites owned by large publishing houses I was extremely disappointed. The vast majority of the items were cookie cutter, gimmicky, and just didn't match the vision of what I would want to own personally. With Great or Die! we are taking a boutique approach to product curation and recommendations. We have an eye for items that many other sites overlook and we leave out the lower end pieces that really don't belong in this conversation.

Our commitment to you is that if we can't sell you the best we will send you in the right direction even if that means there is no affiliate commission in it for us.  We will never list a product that is not widely considered to be at the top of its category. We don't bother discussing the mediocre.

Don't fall into the trap of believing a product endorsed by a celebrity chef or a plain vanilla reviews and lists site is 'top-of-the-line'.  Don’t waste your time scouring Amazon and online forums in search of ‘the best’.  We've done that work for you!  Fear not the regift or return – these items are my personally curated keepers!